Gastric Bypass Surgery Reviews

Gastric Bypass Surgery Reviews

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Morbid obesity, otherwise known as severe obesity, is a type of chronic disease that is a common problem of adults and even young children. Gastric bypass surgery is a major medical procedure and indviduals who undergo such operation encounters surgical risks. The treatment requires limiting the amount of food intake that the stomach can handle. It may also consist of limiting the amount of calories which the body absorbs through reducing the capacity of the stomach. The stomach is reduced from football size to the size of a golf ball. Smaller stomach is connected to the center of the small intestine while bypassing the small intestine section which limits the calorie absorption.

Changes in the metabolic functions is induced when the duodenum is bypassed which improves and resolve certain kind of diabetes. The surgery results to a weight loss which is long term and the risk of being severely obese are outweighed. More than 50% of the excess weight is loosen for typical patient right after the surgery. It is recommended for adults having BMI higher than 35 and Type 2 diabetes. This is in cases when lifestyle control and pharmacological therapy are no longer applicable. Different studies have shown that the surgery improves an individual’s lifespan as compared to those who did not. Premature death is reduced and other diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes. The surgery costs approximately from $11, 500 to $26, 000 in which the insurance coverage depends upon the provider.

The occurrence of different complication after the gastric bypass surgery is anticipated. Though, these complications cannot be always avoided, they can be minimized. The possible complications may include cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke; respiratory problems such as pulmonary embolus and pneumonia; wound problems such as infection and hernia development; intestinal problems such as intestinal blockage, stromal stenosis, and dumping syndrome; nutritional problems such as mineral and vitamin deficiency, extreme weight loss, hair loss, kidney stones and bone weakening and death.

Gastric sleeve has gained its acceptance among the bariatric conditions which is an important option in treating patients that are suffering from morbid obesity. Surgeons who carry out such operations are striving in minimizing the risks of complication rates. This was performed primarily in high-risk patients who undergo bypass procedures. The procedure is performed by creating a vertical sleeve in the stomach which is used as a fastening device while removing the rest of the stomach. The size of the sleeve is similar to a banana’s size. This surgery could generate loss of weight by means of gastric restriction. It is helpful in maintaining normal absorption and digestion by letting the consumed food to pass through digestive tract the same as the usual and then absorbing it fully.

Recently, the gastric bypass surgery cost of the procedure has significantly dropped because of the increasing number of people who require it and at the same time the surgeons who are performing it. Gastric sleeve cost is estimated to range from $24 000 to $28 000 for patients without any insurance and funding. These comprise the hospitalization fees, anesthesia, surgeon fee, x-ray and other lab work fee and the follow-up appointments. Still, the average cost is still dependent on the provider which could allow patient’s charges to be covered by insurance.